Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ஹாங்காங் 2

streetside Ads

Hongkong at night

metro train

metro train

fruit shop

inside the mall

inside the mall

client Manger Anil & Siva

eatable fishes

eatable fishes

lunch at chinese hotel

lunch at chinese hotel

lunch at chinese hotel


Hotel Reception

Saturday, September 26, 2009


pool view from my hotel room

outside view from my room balcony

pool view from my hotel room

bzz working!!

only 2 minutes!! maggie is saving my life here!!

my colleague at the station

inside the metro train

Hanging gardens in the apartment

bus stop - from double decker bus view


me! travelling in the bus

Alfred - client Network Manager

Infront of the Hotel

Bus stop near to my office

Bus Station

my client office entrance

Street shop

Railwaystation entrance

75 floor buiding near my client office

Nice building near bust stand

on the way to Bus stand

outside view of the Hotel

Hotel where i am staying

Hongkong Railwaystation entrance

At dubai airport before left to Hongkong

At my flat in dubai

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



our 10th class Seating position:

I dont need to introduce about this guy..a very well known figure among our class mates...very funny guy...always mischievious...i can still remember this guy comments during our class times...

Unfortunately i dont have a chance to meet sudhanthiramani after our 10th exams...

I got this picture from karthi a very longtime back..now only had time to post here...