Monday, January 5, 2009

Adventures of Annalan

hai saravanan!
i sent some photos, taken in THAILAND,when i went Official tour.. Air show photo in singapore...Pls upload...
ur wife blog very nice..lot of wonderful things..she is not working,???

ghoos!!! Attackers!

wowww!! good Jump

Look at this!!! lotssss of Girl friends

Flag hoisting !! Jai Hindh

poor guy!! no girl friends around :(


  1. All the pictures were very nice annal..thanks for the free show of Thailand!!!
    Then friends! sorry last week i was too i couldnt spend much time on this blog..
    Thanks to all friends who shares their new year wishes through this blog..
    We will rock it again!..

  2. Mr Dude..

    Nice snaps...

    Sriram Chellappa

  3. கார்த்திகேயன்January 6, 2009 at 3:02 PM

    றெக்க கட்டி பறக்குறானே..அனலு... பாத்துடா..பலூன் பஞ்சராய்ட போகுது.. சும்மா..தமாஸ்..

    எல்லா படங்களும் சூப்பர் மாமு..

  4. Saravanan....
    Wrong picture.(mge Attestation)
    Remove Pls

  5. Yes Annal, my wife is a home minister ;)..
    thanks for your comments..

  6. Hi All

    Wish you a very happy pongal.

    In our India, We are celebrating this day in many forms
    Here In Tamil Nadu as PONGAL
    In other Southern states as Sankarathi
    In Gujarath...... family togethers... Kite Festivals....
    In Punjab as Lohri festival ...
    Basically this is real True Indian Festival

    Wishing you a Very HappyPongal,Sankaranthi,......

  7. Thank you Sriram...we too wish you a very happy pongal to you and to your friends